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Rules To Keep In Mind While Decorating a Living Room

“For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.”

Rules To Keep In Mind While Decorating a Living Room

The living room is one space in your home that is a mix n match of every member’s ideas. When finished, the living room ought to create a feeling of peace and purposefulness, not one of antipathy or anxiety.

Living rooms serve several purposes. Whether you are lazying on your couch, amusing your friends, or watching TV with your family, your living room tends to be the center of your home.

Depending on your preferences, skills, and budget, a living room can be decorated to create a comfortable, engaging, and inviting space for the family.

The rules applicable to decorating a living room could be simple and easy to guess. But this does not mean that it is also simple to make the correct choices in this regard.

We Interiosplash are here to help you create a charming, impressive, and cozy living room with a few simple tips and ideas!

1. The Right Layout

The layout forms the basis of the space and will guide what you put in it. But there is not one right way to set out a living room. Finding and focussing on a room’s natural focal point is an excellent way, to begin with when planning your living room.

To determine what is right for your space, start by considering how you primarily use your living room. Is it for entertainment or watching TV? Do you appreciate conversational seating or something more formal? Do you prefer a multipurpose living room?

Here, we have shown a free-flowing living area. The furniture is positioned facing the TV unit, emphasizing that the living room is mainly used for a light family gathering full of fun and laughter.

2. Pronounced Center

Most homes will have one prime point of interest that is the first thing you notice when entering the room. Whether it is an ottoman or a coffee table, it is vital to have an arresting center in your living room.

In this arrangement, notice how an elegant coffee table alone sets the tone of the entire space. All the elements seem to adjunct each other in perfect harmony. The mix n match of neutral tones creates a relaxed profile. The contrast of the blue sofa-chair and the back-lit marble accent wall further complements the living room.

3. Function & Fashion Parity

When arranging your living room, it is crucial to consider the traffic flow. Your furniture arrangement will be a factor in how people enter, navigate, and exit the space. The layout of your living area should always be functional.

However, this does not mean it has to be all function and utility. We are big believers in counterbalancing function with the style of your space. For we, at Interiosplash, really can give you the best of both!

4. Contemplate Your Colour Scheme

Color is key to defining the mood of your living room! From walls to decor to foundational furniture, you want to ensure you have a coherent color scheme.

In this living room, we chose a neutral tone and fused it with bold ink-blue sofa chairs. Also, the woodwork and the mousy wallpaper are giving a high contrast look to this space. The living room looks discerning, offers style, and is overwhelming.

Whatever you choose as an overarching color palette will help guide not only your wall color but the furniture, accents, and living room decor you need to fill out this space.

5. Encompass Lighting

It is important to layer the light resources to create a bright and airy living room.

As shown in this living area, we have merged different sets of lighting. The strip lighting in the false-ceiling and the statement drop light above the dining table seem to enrich the entire space.

Similarly, even if you have one dominant overhead light, try incorporating different styles of light fixtures, such as spotlights in shelves, accent lighting within false-ceiling, or even candles. One of the easiest ways to add light to your living room is by arranging the furniture around your windows for the perfect natural light.

6. Mix ‘n’ Match

Every one of us is using our living rooms in many ways for multiple purposes throughout the day.

Create a customized living room by mixing and matching patterns, colors, and textures. Play up your favorite color by coordinating different hues throughout the room. If you want a well-balanced atmosphere, pick pieces of different sizes and heights to balance each other out.

Texture and dimension will top off your living room by adding visual temptation and interest. Build height and depth in your living room by adding pictures, artwork, shelves, or mirrors to the walls. Area rugs add texture and dimension to the space whilst serving a purpose.

7. Final Points To Remember

Creative storage is an easy one to forget about, but it’s one of our favorite ideas to append into living rooms. Because integrating storage options into your living room will not only help you stay organized but will also help your living space keep that beautiful, polished look about it!

Finding the right rug size for your layout is also tricky. You want to make sure it’s the right size and shape for your room to enhance the overall look.

It is important to think a bit practically when designing your living room—because living rooms are for living! Most of the time, it means sitting, so you must have seating options that fit your style and comfort.

Proportion and symmetry are one of those underrated but absolutely crucial parts of interior design. While not all living rooms are supposed to be symmetrical but, if done correctly, the result is a lucid yet stunning space.

The details of a living room determine whether it is sophisticated, thoughtful or meaningless, clustered.

Consider all of these tips when designing your space and make room for them. The result will be a versatile living room that perfectly suits your needs!

Are there any other ideas that you would want to include?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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